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Cheryl on Night Lights

Dokmateo on Night Lights
Beautiful city night lights. Great capture! thumbs up!

BBM on Night Lights
Nice clean shot!!

Tinx on Night Lights

Alun on Wild Violets
Really lovely image

Earnest on Wild Violets
Must have taken a few shots to get this perfect one!

Earnest on Flying Fish
Excellent shot, Barry.... very colorful and very clear.

Linerberry on Flying Fish
Great shot against that lovely blue sky!

Nina on Flying Fish
Fantastic colour and contrast... the Blue of the sky is gorgeous!

Photosanity on Golden Dawn
Wow - five stars from me too - fantastic capture.

Eric Fry on Flying Fish
These are great, Barry, you got some spectacular photos that morning!

john4jack on Flying Fish
Gorgeous blue.

shahrzad on Golden Dawn
great my mouth is still open :O woooOOooow

shahrzad on Flying Fish
:))) she looks really determine

Earnest on Busy as a Bee
Great capture... and not easy either!

Earnest on Golden Dawn
Wow.. five stars... you outdid yourself and everyone else with this one!

john4jack on Busy as a Bee
Very nice selective focus and detail.

Alun on Busy as a Bee
LOve the colour, really nice

Alun on Golden Dawn
Love this, a really moody image

LauraS on Sunrise Herman Park
Wonderful reflections with pretty sunset...

Self-Indulgence on Sunrise Herman Park
This sunset is just fantastic. Absolutely breathtaking reflections as well.

Linerberry on Sunrise Herman Park
Very cool shot Barry!!! Great to see you back:-) the reflections in this are just superb!!!

Paul on Sunrise Herman Park
Beautiful capture

john4jack on Sunrise Herman Park
Stunning sky. Gorgeous reflections.

Marleen on Sunrise Herman Park
Awesome shot of a stunning landscape in beautiful colors!

Raul on Sunrise Herman Park
Excellent sundown photograph! Very sharp, beautiful colors and reflections....

Earnest on Sunrise Herman Park

Marie LC on Sunrise Herman Park
beautiful colours and reflections

Photosanity on Sunrise Herman Park
Beautiful Sky and Reflection!

tubby on Amazing Tree Blossom
Nice composition & colors! What an interesting flower... very pretty & unique

john4jack on Amazing Tree Blossom
Nice selective focus. Like the blue sky.

Earnest on Amazing Tree Blossom
Clarity is fantastic... I don't know that tree...

Earnest on Morning Prayers
Very cool photo, Barry! Perfect caption... excellent.

Joanne on Morning Prayers
Love your title. Very endearing pair!

Eric Fry on Amazing Tree Blossom
Hey! Welcome back! That is an incredible blossom, and a great photo of it.

john4jack on Morning Prayers
Welcome back. Marvelous capture. Wonderful water.

Nina on Morning Color

Linerberry on Morning Color
Simply beautiful!

Alun on Morning Color
really lovely colours

Michael on Morning Color
Excellent format Barry, and wonderful Fall colors.

Earnest on Morning Color
Wow, Barry! We don't have those blazing reds up here. It is a great image!

john4jack on Morning Color
Lovely fall pano.

Earnest on Wisdom
Low light again but nice reflections and subjects... I hope they aren't standing on a gator.

Earnest on East End Meadow
I know what it's like and this is a great clear shot.

Earnest on Bizzare Sunset in Galveston
That's pretty bizarre alright but I love it when that happens... you got a great capture for the low light.

Alun on Wisdom
very nice shot, looks early in the morning

john4jack on Forrest Snail
Excellent selective focus and detail.

john4jack on East End Meadow
Lovely spot.

Linerberry on Bizzare Sunset in Galveston
Hay you've been back!!! makes me think you waited til I was away lol Only joking...good to see you! I've ...

Alun on Forrest Snail
Really amazing image, so sharp

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